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Persian ney, nay, or nai
The Persian ney is the oblique rim blown flute of Iran used in classical, folk and religious music. The Persian ney has a distinctive metal, ivory, or horn mouthpiece although many contemporary players prefer a small piece of camera film instead! The Persian ney can be played against the lips like the Egyptian or Turkish ney, but its most distinctive sound is produced by placing the mouthpiece in a gap between the two upper front teeth and channeling the air into the flute with the tip of the tongue. The instrument can still be played without a gap in your front teeth, but with many restrictions. Some performers will have a dentist create a gap between their teeth if they were not born with one.

The sound of the Persian ney is perhaps the most soulful and mysterious because of this unique playing position.

Country: Iran
Region: Middle East
Type: flute

Persian ney flute
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