Time is a Slippery Concept - Melodic Energy Commission

Space  Rock / Otherworld Music

The third album from this very unique group, released in February 2005, is already making waves as they continue to challenge the norms of the music world. This is an album constructed from uncommon instruments and musicalities to stretch the fabric and social limitations encasing popular musical stylings.

Xaliman: vocals, others
Paul Franklin: percussion 
Mark Franklin: bass
Randy Raine-Reusch: world instruments, dulcimer
George McDonald: guitar, theramin
and a cast of thousands!! Complete list is here.

One of THE most extraordinary albums I've had to review in years.
Andy Garibaldi - Dead Earnest

A much-to-be treasured jewel and a must listen for anyone looking for strange new sonic worlds to explore. -


Brujo de Lujo
I Be
Crystal Cave
Beehive Jive
Midnight House
Light Beams Pass
It's Action Man
For Sure
Moon Surfing
Figure It
Underground Summit
Planet Hopping
Decisions With Precision
Distant Isle of Gypsies
Surf Swarm
Lifting Wave