Senuhima - Issui Minegishi

Music for Japanese Ichigenkin

A remarkable CD of contemporary and traditional music for the Japanese ichigenkin, a rare one string zither. Issui Minegishi is the hereditary Grand Master of Seikyodo Ichigenkin, and performs works by some of the best composers for the instruments.  This is a limited release Japanese CD, not available elsewhere.

Issui Minegishi: ichigenkin
Ichiyo Saito: ichigenkin
Retsuzan Tanabe: shakuhachi

More information on the ichigenkin here


1. Suma
haku 2. Hakusenso
3. Fuji
4. Idenohana
5. Takenotomo
6. Oshi
senu 7. Senuhima
kagen 8. Kagen no Tsuki