Bamboo Silk and Stone - Randy Raine-Reusch
CD featuring Raine-Reusch: Ichigenkin,, nigenkin, zheng, dan bau, kayageum Jin Hi Kim: kumungo, Stuart Dempster, Jon Gibson, Barry  Truax,  William O. Smith
$15 US

New Music for Asian Zithers

Music that challenges tradition, creating a new direction and expression for the Korean kayageum, Chinese zheng, Japanese ichigenkin and Japanese nigenkin.

Randy Raine-Reusch: kayageum, zheng, ichigenkin, nigenkin, sho, hun, suling, changgo
Jon Gibson: soprano sax
Stuart Dempster: trombone
Jin Hi Kim: electric kumungo
Barry Truax: Granular Synthesis

William O. Smith: clarinet

  • Masterful playing of six Asian zithers.Wholenote
  • Truly wonderful...grabs you and pulls you in! Musicworks
  • Not merely listening to sound, but listening to listening!

Artist Website

SR 1. A Sleeping Rain - solo kayageum
WR3S 2. White Room, Three Shadows - dan bau, trombone & clarinet
FORGOT 3. Forgotten Morning - solo kayageum
UN 4. Unprepared - prepared kayageum
other 5. Doorway to the Other - kayageum & soprano sax
BF 6. Bamboo Forest ..a Stone.. Wind Bells - nigenkin & granular synthesis
BSS 7. Bamboo, Silk & Stone - zheng, hun, suling gambu & granular synthesis
moon 8. October Moon - ichigenkin, sho and percussion