REDGRASS - Mei Han & Red Chamber

Playing fast and furious stringband music, whether it be Balkan,
Bluegrass or ancient Chinese, Red Chamber's fingers fly with passion and precision. This powerful ensemble of masterful musicians perform over two thousand years of music on traditional Chinese instruments, from ancient scores of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) to modern compositions. These four virtuosi break cultural and stylistic boundaries, creating a new sound that is putting audiences on their feet at every performance. Guest Bluegrass artists John Reischman and the Jaybirds join Red Chamber on two pieces of REDGRASS.

Mei Han: zheng, liuqin
Guilian Liu: pipa
Zhimin Yu: zhongruan, daruan
Geling Jiang: sanxian, daruan
John Reischman: mandolin
Nick Hornbuckle: banjo
Trisha Gagnon: bass

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Girls 1. Girls Picking Flowers
Qing 2. Qing Bei Yue
SSWS 3. Sunny Spring and White Snow
16 4. Sixteen Variations
16 5. Spring at Heavenly Mountain
PL 6. Pink Lotus in Many Modes
GANK 7. Gankino Horo
DJ 8. Datun Jelut
NS 9. The North Shore
KH 10. Katy Hill