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Artist Links:
  • Barry Truax - electro-acoustic composer 
  • Elliot Sharp - composer, guitartist, innovator
  • J-Music - Japanese musicians site 
  • Jaron Lanier - fellow eclectic creator 
  • John Thompson and the Guqin Silk String Zither - ancient Chinese zither site 
  • Joey Ayala's site - great Philippine musician 
  • Keola Beamer - Hawaiian Slack key guitar 
  • Living Composers Project - A database of composers of our time
  • Pauline Oliveros Foundation - a site for the musically adventurous 
  • Robert Dick - an amazing creative flautist 
  • Saw Lady - Musical Saw & Bells 
  • YES- Where are they now - all the folks who have worked with YES 
  • Instrument Links:
    • Dutch Jews Harp Pages - great jaw harp site 
    • Ney-Nava - The Encyclopedia of Persian (Iranian) Musical Instruments
    • - Information on Sitars, Indian classical stringed instrument. Get detailed information on Sitar, its origin, history and also information about famous sitar players.
    • Tai Hei Shakuhachi Flutes - Japanese flute site
    • -  a great site for fretless guitar 
    Other Music Links: 
    Other Links: