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Rebab - Java

The rebab is a Javanese two-string bowed rebab used in the gamelan orchestra. It has a triangular body covered by buffalo intestine or bladder. The neck is very long and thin, as are the tuning pegs. The instrument is usually placed on the floor in front of the seated musician, and played with a loose horsehair bow, which is often not moved to play the other string, but rather the instrument is turned slightly. The rebab is usually plays a melodic line that is interwoven with the gamelan, suling or lead singer. It is not a loud instrument and the tone is often quite unsteady, but it adds an very distinctive sound to the orchestra. The rebab has been used in contemporary scores for gamelan in the West, as well as with other combinations of instruments..

Country: Indonesia
Region: Asia
Type: Bowed String
Rebab  - Javanese stick fiddle
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